RNA Canada ARN: Proposed Changes to Federal Funding

RNA Canada ARN would like to bring important proposed changes to Canada’s federal funding system to the attention of it’s members.  On June 17th, Ministers Champagne and Holland released a statement setting an ambitious timeline for the federal granting councils to jointly engage with the research community by July 2024. This engagement will help inform the Government of Canada’s ongoing work to revise its organization and structure. We strongly urge you to familiarize yourself with this initiative and participate in the consultation process.

Three documents are particularly relevant to this initiative:

  1. The joint Ministerial statement
  2. The mandate letter to the Presidents of the federal research granting councils
  3. The report of the Advisory Panel on the Federal Research Support System (a.k.a. “the Bouchard report”)

The various committees of RNA Canada, including the “Research Funding Coordination and Support”, are working tirelessly to support and protect your interests. We encourage members to read the documents and actively participate in shaping this proposed initiative.  Should you wish to reach out to the leadership of the federal research granting councils, their contact information is available in the link to their mandate letter (item 2).