Workshops and Education

Workshops and Education

Our educational mission is to provide enhanced learning and training opportunities in RNA biology.

RNA Canada ARN envisions the creation of programs that will attract the brightest students as trainees for the next generation of RNA scientists. The burgeoning interest in RNA science demonstrated by the private sector, as well as the anticipated growth of its partnership with academia will require an increase in the workforce including highly qualified personnel (HQP) at the postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as skilled technicians.

What Can RNA Do?

Inaugural Workshop Series 2023

Goals and Format

“What Can RNA Do?” is an interactive online seminar and discussion series led by top Canadian Researchers. In each 2 hour session, two PIs and trainees talk about their research and fuel discussion about these hot topics. “What Can RNA Do?” is a great way to learn about research happening across Canada, think deeply about new topics, and network with fellow RNA researchers.

Topics and Dates

  • RNA As a Tool | April 24, 2023
  • RNA Enzymes | July 24, 2023
  • RNA in Disease and Immunity |
    October 23, 2023
  • RNA in Condensates | January 22, 2024
  • RNA Modifications | April 22, 2024

Register Here

“What Can RNA Do?” is free and open to all. To receive the Zoom link for our next session, click to register.

Training the Next Generation of RNA Researchers

We are committed to developing new and innovative learning and training opportunities for RNA trainees at all stages. Check back in the future as we grow our RNA curriculum.

Education and Training Goals of RNA Canada ARN

Develop a Canada-wide RNA Training Program

Enhance Trainee Networking

Deepen Connections between Academic and Industry Labs

• RNA Canada ARN aims to develop and implement a comprehensive RNA training program tailored to the needs of undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. This program will include online courses, workshops, seminars, and other training activities that enhance trainees’ knowledge and skills in RNA biology. Our inaugural workshop educational series is “What Can RNA Do,” which highlights Canadian researchers who discuss their work on the latest and most exciting topics in RNA research.

• RNA Canada ARN will organize an annual trainee-based symposium or conference that provides a platform for trainees to present their research, share experiences, and engage in scientific discussions with peers and established researchers in the RNA field.

• RNA Canada ARN will also coordinate trainee-specific activities during all RNA Canada-affiliated scientific meetings and conferences, including networking events, career development workshops, and opportunities for trainee presentations.​

• RNA Canada ARN is working to establish a trainee experience program that facilitates collaborations and internships with RNA-based companies, enabling trainees to gain practical industry experience and exposure to potential career paths.


• RNA Canada ARN also aims to facilitate matchmaking between trainees and job opportunities by connecting trainees with potential employers or research positions that align with their interests and career goals. This will be done in part through this website, via the Jobs Database page.