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RNA Companies

RNA-based technologies will transform the Canadian biotechnology industry sector in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and the environment.  RNA Canada ARN aims to partner with Canada’s top biotechnology companies to promote coordination and collaboration with Canada’s best RNA research laboratories.  These collaborations will ensure that leading-edge advances work to the benefit of the Canadian economy and Canadian stakeholders.  

Canadian RNA biotechnology commercial innovators include:

Moderna Canada:   Moderna is a pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccines, and are moving their mRNA technology pipeline toward the treatment of many other challenges to human health

RNA Technologies:  RNA Technologies aims at enabling next-generation RNA-based therapeutics.

Providence Therapeutics: Providence Therapeutics is a private Canadian biotechnology company that specializes in messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine therapies, and plans to apply their mRNA platform to address cancers, therapies, and other diseases.

Northern RNA:  Northern RNA specializes in the production of nucleic acid products that support life-enabling work.

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals:  Alnylam aims to harness the power of RNA interference (RNAi ) to change the way medicine treats disease.

Deep Genomics:  Deep Genomics aims to untangle the complexity in RNA biology to identify novel targets and evaluate thousands of possibilities to identify the best therapeutic candidates to program therapies for any gene and any genetic condition.

NanoVation Therapeutics:  NanoVation Therapeutics’ technology covers methods of synthesizing lipids, specialty (ionizable) lipids, LNP compositions, & modifications of mRNA.

NeoVentures Biotechnology Inc:  NeoVentures Biotechnology is a world leader in RNA aptamer development and applications.

Polaris Oligonucléotides Inc.:  Polaris Oligonucleotides is dedicated to advance oligonucleotide science by offering cutting-edge, high quality custom synthetic services.  They focus our service offer on chemically modified oligonucleotides, oligoribonucleotides (RNA) and difficult/delicate syntheses, over a wide range of scales

Galenvs Sciences & Solutions:  The Galenvs group is dedicated to advancing health outcomes with precision diagnostic tools and services


In a true success story demonstrating the power of industry-academic collaboration, researchers at the Universities of Lethbridge and Sherbrooke partnered with NSERC and a group of private sector companies to develop the RNA INNOVATION training program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

RNA Innovation is a research training program that provides real-world, hands-on experience in an industry setting. In addition to academic and research skills, trainees develop “soft” skills in management, leadership, communication, teaching, research and business integrity and ethics through additional workshops and courses.

Trainees gain industry experience through two key components, (1) an entrepreneurial research and development challenge (the deepYellow Challenge), and (2) an extensive internship program (the Twinning Program). In the deepYellow Challenge, trainees will collaborate as a team to solve a complex scientific problem proposed by the program’s industry partners. Through the Twinning Program, all trainees will be matched with a specific industry internship, providing students with mentorship and a personalized networking experience.

Trainees from this program emerge as highly skilled scientists who are uniquely prepared to launch their careers in industry settings.

​RNA Canada ARN aims to use the RNA Innovation program as a model for developing academic-industry training opportunities in the future. This type of tailored training program will better equip the next generation of RNA researchers with the skills to successfully launch their research careers.