The Outreach Committee of RNA Canada ARN is currently attempting to recruit more PIs to get involved in the RNA Canada ARN initiative!

Here are some Outreach subcommittees we’re hoping to get new principal investigators to lead.  Each subcommittee would have a specific mandate to engage RNA Canada ARN stakeholders, and would also have some trainees (graduate students, post-docs) that would assist them:

1. Non-clinical public stakeholders:  Coordinate and manage interactions with public stakeholders that are not clinically related, for example biotechnology or agriculture.  Perfect for a PI that might be more in the NSERC world that wants to make contacts to increase the impact of RNA-related research.

2. Student Communications:  We need a PI that would lead a trainee group that would be a sort of RNA Canada ARN Student Association.  Student activities, student communication, and interfacing with the Education committee.

3.  Meeting coordination:  This PI would coordinate with the organizers of RNA Canada ARN 2024, Riboclub, Ribowest, TREnD, as well as other RNA conferences to make sure RNA Canada ARN is represented and promoted.

4.  Public Communications: RNA Canada ARN interactions with journalists, press releases, opinion pieces like you might find on   Would you be excited to interact with the press and represent RNA Canada ARN with them?

5.  Advertising/Merchandising:  This PI would help with items related to RNA Canada ARN branding, including items for distribution at conferences (pens, t-shirts).

If you’re interested, please let me know and we can start a discussion!  Contact me at

Warm regards,
Mark Bayfield
Chair, Outreach Committee, RNA Canada ARN